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May 9, 2012

Klinedinst PC Launches Co-Counsel Services, Catering to Small Law Firms and Solo Practitioners

SAN DIEGO, CA - Klinedinst PC has launched a brand new service aimed at supporting small firms and solo practitioners tackling significant cases throughout California.

Klinedinst's Co-Counsel Services are designed to provide trial preparation, research resources, and case advisory services to small firms handling large, complex cases. Solo practitioners and small firms no longer have to refer out this work; instead, Klinedinst attorneys can be brought on board to instantly enhance trial preparation, technical capabilities and staff load to effectively litigate and successfully bring a case to trial.

"This is a revolutionary new concept to the world of small practitioners," noted James D. Crosby, Shareholder and Chair of the Co-Counsel Services. "When you're a small firm handling a complex matter, there really are two options: either work the case yourself at the expense of family and other clients, or refer it to a larger firm. Klinedinst's new Co-Counsel Services provide a third option: keep the client, and bring on a trusted partner to help work the case with you."

Through Co-Counsel Services, attorneys can choose how to structure their relationship with Klinedinst, The firm's statewide network of attorneys and staff can assist with motions, discovery, depositions, document management, trial preparation, and if necessary, in-trial assistance in the second-chair role. If an attorney wishes, Klinedinst can serve as first-chair, equally sharing case work and trial duties.

Klinedinst's Co-Counsel Services are the first of their kind in the nation. "The Co-Counsel Service is a natural progression for us," stated John D. Klinedinst, Founder and CEO of Klinedinst PC. "We are essentially taking our recognized capabilities in handling major complex litigation, and combining it with our experience working with small firms in the Professional Liability arena."

"Our focus in a co-counsel relationship is to act as a support system to the small-sized firms in successfully carrying out all aspects of the case," added Crosby, a business litigator and former solo practitioner who joined Klinedinst in January, 2012. Crosby's experience in handling complex, multi-district cases for clients served as the inspiration for the Co-Counsel Services. "When you're a small, independent attorney, you want to do what's right for your client, but you can only go so far before you hit a 'capacity ceiling.' Being able to co-counsel with a trusted legal partner allows attorneys to strengthen their relationships with important clients without sacrificing their practice or personal life."

The new practice group is available immediately, and will be offered in all four Klinedinst PC office locations in California.

To learn more about the Klinedinst Co-Counsel Services, please visit:

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Klinedinst PC has achieved the highest rating for legal ability and ethical standards by Martindale-Hubbell. The firm and its attorneys are engaged in litigation and transactional law practice throughout California, serving clients from offices in San Diego, Santa Ana, Los Angeles, and Sacramento. For more information about the firm, please visit Klinedinst's comprehensive website at



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